Housekeeping Star

Cleaning Tips

Too often when you consider cleaning, you think, “I have to clean the house.” In your mind, you convince yourself that cleaning the entire house is too large of a task. Instead of breaking it into manageable segments, you put it off until another time. Check out these home cleaning tips:

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

  • Clean a Bathroom by dividing it into sections.

Cleaning Products

  • Use House Cleaning Supplies that are made for that purpose, i.e. Bathroom cleaners to be used for Bathrooms only.

Dusting Tips

  • Eliminating Pollen and Allergens from Your Home by using am antibacterial spray and microfibre cloth.

Some Cleaning Tips

  • Cleaning with Microfiber material
  • Keep Your Home Insect Free
  • Clean Windows from inside.
  • Keep floors clean hardwood and carpets.
  • Remove stains

Clean Like a Professional

Housekeeping Star staff move through your home in a precise, structured process. Every room is dusted left to right, top to bottom. Starting with cobwebs hiding in hard-to-reach corners and dust that clings to ceiling fans and light fixtures, our staff work more efficiently from the top down — not missing a spot. This method helps corral dust and dirt, making it easier to vacuum away.

Follow our process and you will be a pro too! Below are a few more quick solutions that you may not have heard of before:

Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning

Solution: Sprinkle a little baking soda on a sponge, rub the sink gently and rinse. Sparkle and shine in seconds!

Erasing Furniture Footprints

Solution: Count the number of impressions you need to “erase” and march straight to your freezer. Grad an ice cube or two per impression and simply set the cubes in each impression. As they melt the carpet fibres will loosen and stand. Let it dry overnight, vacuum, and good as new!

Removing Stubborn Stickers

Solution: You will need a jar of peanut butter, preferably smooth. If you don’t have peanut butter, you can use plain white toothpaste too. Spread the peanut butter or toothpaste right over the sticky residue and gently rub with a moist cloth or sponge. The oils will quickly lift the sticker right off. Clean, shine, complete!