Housekeeping Star

Clean Internal Windows

Cleaning internal windows is one of those tasks that gets put off time and time again, so much so that month pass before we think we have no choice but to roll our sleeves up and get on with it.  Cleaning internal windows is certainly hard work and as it often requires standing on something, we may not feel comfortable to do this task by ourselves.  This is where we can help.  Our Housekeeping Stars will clean all four corners of your internal windows, including frames, sills and off course the glass to make sure your windows are sparkling clean.  Our staff are health and safety trained and will bring a 3-step step ladder to help them reach all parts of the window.  Please select the Equipment surcharge to cover the additional cost for us to supply the appropriate equipment and cleaning materials.

  • We will bring a step ladder so we can reach all parts of the window
  • We will use appropriate glass cleaners to ensure the window is sparkling
  • We will clean the frames and sills and all parts that can be reached within arms reach