Housekeeping Star

Clean Sofa

Sofa’s come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Whatever your style of sofa, settee or couch, it is probably a place where you and your family spend a lot of time sitting and relaxing. You therefore want to make sure your sofa is clean and maintained and not spoiled by stains, marks and discolouring. Even worse is all the paraphernalia and rubbish that can end up down the side of the sofa! Our Housekeepers will clean and refresh your sofa using the appropriate cleaning style and materials and bring it back to its original glory as much as possible. Of course, deep stains and marks may still not come off however hard we try, but we will ensure to clean it as best as possible.

  • We can clean leather and upholstery sofas as well as velvet, nubuck and suede materials
  • We will use appropriate cleaning methods including steam cleaning and suitable cleaning agents
  • Please let us know in advance if there are any deep stains on your sofa and the exact material, so we can let you know if we can remove them